What makes no credit check mobile phones unique?


In a perfect world, the idea of poor and good credit rating would be non-existent. In fact, we wouldn’t be having a class of the rich and the poor. We all would be having everything we want and enjoy the best that the world has to offer. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world where the affluent and the downtrodden of the earth coexist. There are those who can afford to blow 10000 pounds in a day while there are some who cannot afford to waste 5 pounds in a day. That is the reality of the world we live in today and no area is this more prevalent than that of mobile phone contracts.


From time immemorial, those with a perfect credit score have always had an upper hand when it came to mobile phone contracts. They enjoy the best deals, lower interest rates and even have access to the latest high-end phones. On the other hand, those with a less than stellar credit score have always had the going tough. To them, everything is centered on chance and probability. There is no assurance and application of a mobile phone contract is always a 50-50 affair. Thanks to the introduction of no credit check mobile phones for those struggling with a poor credit rating, the playing field has never been more level.

Those with a poor as well as a healthy credit score can now apply and get approved for a phone contract without having to worry about the state of their credit score. In essence, no credit check mobile phones operate on the premise of no credit checks when you apply. In other words, applicants do not have to worry that their poor credit rating will hinder them from enjoying the benefits of having a mobile phone contract. In reality though, the idea of no credit check is merely a public relations exercise by the various UK providers. As a matter of fact, credit checks are mandatory and providers are required by the law to carry out credit checks prior to approval of a loan or phone contract. The only difference is that the results of the credit checks do not in any way inform the approval or rejection of an application. This is perhaps one of the things that makes no credit check mobile phones unique.

The second thing that makes no credit check contracts unique is the fact that they do give individuals with no recognizable prior credit history an opportunity to build their credit history from scratch. You see, in the eyes of financial lenders and mobile phone providers, having no known credit history is just as bad as having a poor credit history. The argument that providers give is that they do not have a way of telling whether you are financially responsible or not in the absence of a credit history.

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In light of that, those seeking to build a credit history from scratch will without a doubt find homage in no credit check mobile phones. Last but not least, you can apply for this kind of contract even if you filed for bankruptcy in the past or you have a history of court county judgments. In this regard, all you need to do is find a suitable provider. There are those that might ask you to pay a small amount upfront as deposit and there are those who might insist that you go for a refurbished phone. Whatever the case, what is undeniable is the fact that no credit check mobile phones are indeed unique in their own way, especially for individuals who have had trouble with finances in the past!

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