Useful tips when applying for No credit check mobile phones

To a person with a healthy credit score, applying for a phone contract has never been a tall order. In fact, to them, the whole application process is merely a case of filling forms and waiting for their mobile phone to be delivered. The same cannot be said of individuals with a poor credit rating. For the longest time possible, application for a mobile phone contract has always been a game of chance. Most UK individuals struggling with bad credit had to hope for the best whilst preparing for the worst when applying for a contract phone. The reason behind this was because top phone providers were not willing to make concessions and accommodate individuals with a poor credit rating.


In the eyes of the lenders and phone providers, UK persons with a poor credit rating were a great risk. They presented real risks to the success of a business and it’s no wonder that their applications never made itpast a first glance. The introduction of no credit check mobile phones was therefore a great relief to the scores of UK citizens struggling with bad credit. For the very first time, bad credit individuals could apply and be assured of approval without their credit rating rearing its ugly head.

Those with a poor credit score could enjoy the same benefits that those with a perfect credit score did without having to worry about the state of their credit score. The only downside is that no credit check mobile phones have been routinely misused from the very first time they hit the market. Providers have always justified the idea of charging high-interest rates with protecting their own interests. They reason that since there is no form of security, the only way to mitigate risks on their side is by charging high-interest rates.

That notwithstanding, no credit check mobile phones have indeed accorded countless individuals an opportunity to repair their credit report. The no discrimination approach where anybody can apply for them has indeed made this phone contract type a darling of many people. Those with no prior credit history as well as those wallowing in poor credit score can attest to the fact that no credit check mobile phones has indeed given them a new lease of life. They now have peace of mind in the knowledge that they can apply at any time and be assured of approval without having to continuously worry about the state of their credit rating.

However, just like other mobile phone contracts, there are tips that those with low credit score can use to not only increase their chances of acceptance but also reduce the pressure of the overall cost. These are:

  • Go for a cheaper mobile phone. A provider is more likely to approve your application if you choose a cheaper mobile phone as opposed to an expensive one. It’s all about risk reduction really.
  • Give preference to phones that were introduced in the recent past as they have a high acceptance rate compared to the latest releasehigh-end phones like an iPhone 7.
  • Go for a contract deal or package that you can afford. Do not be carried away by the prospect of acceptance as to go for a deal that you will struggle with.


  • Scrutinize your credit report prior to applying. At times, the reason you could have an unattractive credit score is because of errors in your credit report. With credit bureaus allowing for one free annual credit check report, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t take advantage of this prior to making an application for a no credit check contract phone.

In conclusion, the type of deal you end up with is solely dependent on how you go about through the whole application process.


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