Steps when applying for a no credit check mobile phone


The term “no credit check” is indeed sweet music to the ears of many individuals with a poor credit rating. It makes them bold enough to go ahead and apply for a phone contract without having to worry about rejection. While no credit check mobile phones are fashioned as guaranteed phone contracts with little or no room for rejection, the type of deal as well as the benefits that a person enjoys is solely bent on how they go about applying for the same. That said, it is one thing to apply for a no credit check contract and it’s another thing to do it smartly.

There are indeed a number of steps you should follow when applying for a no credit check mobile phone contract.


It would be foolhardy or rather incredibly stupid to give the aspect of research a wide berth when applying for a no credit check mobile phone. With so many providers out there all promising to deliver you heaven, doing some research will do you good. Don’t just apply with any provider promising you great benefits within your community. Take to the internet, do some background research and if need be, seek for some recommendations from friends. The bottom line is, always endeavour to make an informed decision backed with research.


Choose a company with a solid reputation

The whole idea of doing research is to be able to pinpoint a company with a solid track record and reputation. There is a reason as to why is a well-respected name in the mobile phone contracting industry. One of the major reasons people choose it for all their mobile contracting needs is because of its solid track record and reputation. As such, it is important that the company you ultimately settle for should be one that has a good reputation and a solid track record in terms of excellent service delivery to its customers.


Don’t be misled to believe that haggling can only be found in the marketplace. No deal you are being provided with is cast in stone and if you play your cards right, you could actually negotiate for yourself a better contract. Research competitors and approach the negotiating table backed with facts and figures. Explain why you should get a better deal and back your explanation with facts. Dangle the loyalty carrot and am sure your efforts won’t be in vain.

Read the fine print

The last step before you sign the contract is to read the fine print. Don’t take the provider’s word for gospel truth as most of them tend to sing the music that is sweet to your ears. Take time to scrutinize the fine print and only sign if you are contented with the terms therein. It is better to be safe than to be sorry a few months down the line when you suddenly realise there were hidden charges.

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