Who should consider applying for a no credit check mobile phone?

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Bluntly put, no credit check mobile phones are primarily meant for individuals with a poor credit rating. That said, anyone can apply for a no credit check contract if they so wish to. The only difference is that those with a perfect credit score see no need as to why they should deal with high-interest rates and a long lock in contract period when the state of their credit score can afford them better terms under a traditional phone contract. The bottom line is, no credit check mobile phones have indeed changed the lives of many people not only in the UK but also in other parts of the world. For those who are clueless, no credit check mobile phones are ideal for the following classes of individuals.

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Those who had filed for bankruptcies in the past

No doubt, bouncing back from bankruptcy can be a herculean task. Add to that the fact that such individuals are tagged as financially irresponsible and you get to understand why they never get approved for a traditional mobile phone contract. However, a no credit check mobile phone is not a long shot for those who had filed for bankruptcy in the past. Given that credit checks are not an issue, such individuals can apply for a phone contract and have high chances of acceptance.

Those with a history of court county judgments

However you look at it, those with a history of court county judgments (CCJ’s)can never be accepted for a conventional phone contract. They are deemed risky and the only time they can be considered for a traditional phone contract is if they pay a substantial amount of deposit upfront. Luckily for this class of individuals, a no credit check mobile phone is the perfect product for them.

Those with a history of arrears as well as defaults

If you have a well-documented history of arrears and defaulting, the best bet for you is going for a no credit check mobile phone. With this type of contract, you won’t have to worry about credit checks or the need to part with a hefty amount of money as upfront security payment.

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In a nutshell, the fact that you have a poor credit history is not permanent. With a no credit check contract, you can indeed redeem yourself even as you enjoy the benefits that come with a bad credit mobile phone!


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